The most common reasons for the failure to lose weight

What is the reason for that?

The traditional diets with reduced quantity of calories are prescribed by specialists when receiving less energy with the food is a major objective. It is the easiest to reduce calories through fat exclusion. This way people get the wrong impression that it is possible to lose weight only through excluding it. This is a general principle for all diets, which are based on low-fat or non-fat products. This type of feeding recommends that the calories be provided by consuming carbohydrates and non-fat proteins.

But neither the widespread passage to these products nor the diuretic means, stimulators and pill-wonders turned out to be effective in solving the problem, claim the authors of the article: “This is why in the recent 40 years obesity has become the most common disease”.

Some specialists call this phenomenon “American paradox” and emphasize that the reason for it is the diminished physical activity in regard with the food consumed. Fat rejection leads up to a dangerous lapse of fat acids in the organism, warn the dieticians. It is not chance that this type of diet is called an “insulin” one – it stimulates the organism to produces too much insulin.

In recent times scientists’ point of view has changed radically. Today we are aware that the fat tissue is not an inner “fat storehouse”, but an independent endocrine organ, a whole “factory” for production of pro- and anti-inflammable substances – the adimokins.

The more the fat quantity the more the pro-inflammable substances – in other words the inflammable processes in the body is facilitated. Many of these substances enter into the blood an influence various organs and tissues (muscles, liver, guts, and vessels) causing local inflammable processes.

As in the organism there is a latent chronic inflammation, the fight with obesity is impossible. The best way to end up the growth of fat mass and to start burning fat accumulation is an anti-inflammable diet, lately combined with lyotherapy (injecting of fat-thawing substances), claim American specialists.

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